Een update van het vele werk wat daar wordt verricht!

Here are some news from our work with the poor. Today Laurențiu, Felix and I went to visit some families and bring them a bag of foods. Every time we visit them we come back home with another heart. We thank God for all His blessings, and we are sorry for the times we were not happy with what we have. Daniela turned 15 last week. She will go to high school in September. I am so proud that she is making this step. Many children with her condition give up to school. Maybe we can help her with the transport. She will have to pay the bus to go in Bucharest everyday to high school. Recently the mother of 4 children that come to our school told us she doesn’t know to read and write. Because her mother didn’t make her a birth certificate she couldn’t go to school. She made it by herself after she gave birth to her first son, so she can register him. She is 28 years now. I started to teach hear. Its so hard to see an adult shaking her hand and traying to write a letter. I hope she will continue coming. Here is a photo of her family. She and her family lived for many years in an abandoned house. But they must to leave from there because of very bad hygiene, also more families were living there. Her husband worked abroad and they made a house in Tunari, but they couldn’t finish it. She amazed me how she fights for her children to learn and follow the school even if they are poor.

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